Learning, Leadership and Team Development

Your go-to partner for people development.

We craft and facilitate learning experiences which are fresh, engaging and interactive.

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What we do

We don't do off-the-shelf, we do it together.

We specialize in designing and facilitating purpose built learning experiences which support your organization with learning, leadership and team development.

Three Points Podcast by People Peoplebook

Three Points Podcast by People Playbook

A podcast where we sit down with world-class leaders to unpack their three most valuable leadership lessons.

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Learning & Development

We specialise in facilitating purpose-built workshops to support organisations with their unique development needs.

In our workshops, we provide practical tools and expert insights developed from research and industry experience.

Our faculty is comprised of experts from a variety of fields, who align with our core belief that learning should be fun, engaging and actionable.

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Leadership Development

In any organisation, leaders play a critical role in achieving objectives, executing strategy and developing talent.

Our program design is built around your organisation’s values and purpose, providing leaders with practical, engaging and impactful learning experiences, relevant to their unique context.

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Team Development

We partner with remote and distributed teams who want to improve how they work together.

It starts with us asking the right questions to better understand where the opportunities are to increase cohesion.

We bring a fresh perspective to your team and facilitate highly-customized sessions to help your team develop greater psychological safety, structure and clarity, inclusion and belonging.

Interested in learning more?

We would love to chat with you and explore how we can help your organisation with Learning, Leadership and Team Development.

Send us a mail at hello@peopleplaybook.co or get in touch below.

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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Support your leaders and teams with practical tools.

We specialize in facilitating purpose-built workshops to support leaders and teams with mental health and wellbeing.

In our workshops, we provide practical tools and expert insights developed from research and our combined experience working in mental health, wellbeing, and people development.

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Online Team Events

Make your team events easy, engaging and fun!

We create an immersive online experience with professional entertainment. Our events bring together talented performers from comedy, music and beatboxing. Each experience is incredibly personalised and highly interactive.

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Workshops to provide
your team with the tools
& knowledge to succeed.

Our workshops provide your team with a playbook of strategies, tactics, tips and routines to succeed.

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We are problem-focused and people-first. Our goal isn’t to become the hero of your journey, but to support your people along the way. Our collaborative approach empowers your leaders and teams to drive change in your organisation.

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